Valley 2

The Reckoning

I write Sims 3 stories. I rarely reblog things. I like personal text posts - I'm here for friends, not Simbots. I am, according to a friend: sweet, fierce, kind, honest, silly, smart, giving, talented, and a fabulous friend. :)

Wait, so those gnomes he’s smacking are werewolves? But they really looked like gnomes. Maybe they just told him that it was werewolves, and he believed them, because he wanted to. So maybe he’d believe you if you told him you weren’t a werewolf, totally, and you’d never kill anyone, but hey if he was single now anyway would he want to go out for a nice steak or something?

Your stomach growls.

“Hey Lus, chill. It’s cool. She’s nice and she honestly doesn’t remember anything and she’s not working for the witch. She didn’t even know she was a werewolf until I told her. I thought maybe you might have heard something, have some idea of who turned her. Maybe it was the witch, but if so something went wrong. I thought maybe we could get her on our side, you know?”


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