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The Reckoning

I write Sims 3 stories. I rarely reblog things. I like personal text posts - I'm here for friends, not Simbots. I am, according to a friend: sweet, fierce, kind, honest, silly, smart, giving, talented, and a fabulous friend. :)

Replies of tapes and hugs!

pibsims replied to your post: Physician, heal thyself

More hugs - because you are a lovely person who never deserved all the hate you got. Love thyself and be true.

*hugs back* Thank you. Thank you so much. See, that’s one of the good things - I know to appreciate good friends and good people, and to be very grateful for them now.

I went and looked at my LJ, and something silly there in a comment got the negative tape started. I should probably just stay completely away from LJ for a good long while.

darkestirony replied to your post: Physician, heal thyself

being good to yourself is so important! glad to hear it’s something you’re working on <3

Thank you.

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Physician, heal thyself

I have come a really really really long way on this, but still…

Sometimes it can be really hard to treat yourself the same way you treat other people. Other people are so obviously beautiful and good and worthy of hugs, but it can sometimes be hard to see yourself like that. Especially if you’ve been through years of other people agreeing with your own self-hate and helping you shred yourself to pieces and being all like “Yep, you’re right, you fail at being human and everyone hates you and you suck.”

But I am getting better at being nice to me! I am!

*hugs herself, because she deserves love and hugs and empathy just as much as anyone else*

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The illustrated guide to the Valley universe

Reblogging the guide to my Sims work because I’ve picked up a fair few new followers. *waves* Hi new friends!



This badass dude right here is Seth Morrigan. You may have noticed him in my icon. You may have noticed him in frequent posts here. You may have noticed that I posted a pic of myself earlier wearing a blue cardigan.

If you have not gotten to know him yet, then here you go!

Lilith Parker is working at the local paper, announcing births and birthdays and deaths. One morning her boss Shannon gives her a more exciting assignment – research the local haunted house and write an article on its history. Nice flavor for Halloween, right?

But then Shannon turns up dead the next day, the local townspeople seem intent on keeping the story of the haunted house a secret, and Lilith is being haunted herself. Will she survive?

In the Valley of the Sun

This is the first story. I started it over four years ago, so please do excuse the pictures and writing. The main character is Lilith Parker. 


She has many interesting adventures as Seth invades her dreams and tightens his noose around her.

It may look like a lot of chapters, but they are all fairly short and as I went on I experimented with visual storytelling and minimal text, so it’s a fairly quick read.

Next, there are the two shorts. One from Seth’s POV, one from his wife Sarah’s POV.


Waffles: The Syruping (Sarah’s POV)

Syrup: The Waffling (Seth’s POV)

These shorts are an exploration of their relationship in the Valley universe, pre-Valley.

Then there is a text-only short, a look into Seth’s mindset as he spirals downward to the main event in Valley’s history:

Because Death Would Not Stop For Seth


Death is so rude.

That brings us to the current story, Moonfall.

Sarah Morrigan’s husband Seth hasn’t been the same since he was injured in a fire years ago. He ignores her. He obsesses about his garden and his alchemy. A shadow grows up around him. It fills their house, separating him from Sarah, choking her off.

One day he comes back to her. The shadow is gone.

Or is it?



Sarah makes her waffles. In Moonlight Falls. Sunset Valley is a different reality, a different dot on the spacetime continuum.


The Seth who lives in Moonlight Falls seems more sane and more together than the one who lives in Sunset Valley. He gardens. He is interested in alchemy. He was injured in a fire in his lab. But somehow, this Seth is still there, still inside himself. 

For now. 



He does send Sarah out for alchemical ingredients that seem to cause alarm among the Moonlight Falls residents though.


And sometimes there is a darkness, a sharpness to him that Sarah does not like.


Can she save him?


She finds a way to visit other realities, to see other versions of her Seth. Will one of them show her the way to keep her Seth in the light, to keep him sane, to keep him with her?

Or will they show her a nightmare beyond her worst dreams?

We’ll find out! Eventually. This one is slower than Valley. ;)

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Is more meme time!

After you receive this you have to share five random facts about yourself and then send it to ten of your favorite followers.

— aeslabelle
1. It’s coming up on the third anniversary of the day that I nearly bled to death internally. If you don’t know - I had an ulcer, it was misdiagnosed as costochondritis, I was prescribed a strong NSAID for the pain, I took it for six weeks, the ulcer got a lot worse, and then it hemorrhaged.
2. I have made quite a lot of progress emotionally, mentally, and socially in those three years. Nothing quite motivates you to work on your anxiety and mental health like the threat of chest pain that registers at 8 or 9 on the pain scale if you get too stressed.
3. I like to stare into the abyss and laugh.
4. Sometimes I am so ashamed and embarrassed for my past self and how I used to be. Other times I see flashes of images from my past, and I realize that it was all right and good, that everything is okay. The point of being alive is to learn and grow, and I had to learn so that I could grow, and I can honor who I used to be and feel empathy for the past versions of myself, because I had to be that person to be who I am now. I don’t know if that makes any sense outside my head, but hey.
5. Sometimes - well, okay, actually quite often - I listen to music and I look at the sky and the trees and the grass and I read books and I read blog posts and I look at my dash, and I just can’t handle it, all the beauty and all the goodness and all the love, and I cry, and I want to hug everyone, and everything is so wonderful and awful and terrible and beautiful, and it hurts but not really, and existence is an infinite searing joy and I feel so…open. Like I am transparent and the universe is passing through me and there’s no boundaries, there’s just the shape of me, and inside the shape there is the sun and the sky and the grass and the trees and all the living beings, and it’s so beautiful and good.
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Hello awesome friend people!

I just wanted to say hey and to remind you that I love you and that I think that you are beautiful and good and of infinite worth, and that I really enjoy seeing all your pictures and reading all your text posts and knowing you guys, because you all rock A LOT!

Thank you for being my friends and for accepting me and for adding your beauty and goodness to my life.

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Replies of I am at work without xkit so do forgive the awkward copy and paste

And the lack of formatting. Sigh.

woohoo-juice-simoleons said: Because I like to okay Sims!

Woot! That is a very good reason for liking to be alive! :)

sumiwatson said: I like to be alive to indulge in fandom and huggle my cats. ;D

Also very good reasons! Cats are the best yay! :)

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Woo I am alive! :) I like to be alive right now because…I am reading blogs and learning things. I like to learn things!

Why do you like to be alive?

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All I want out of life is existential fulfillment and a flame thrower.
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All I want out of life is existential fulfillment and a flame thrower.

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everyone has
so much to say
they talk talk talk
their lives away
don’t even hesitate

walking on down
to the burial ground
it’s a very old dance
with a merry old sound
looks like it’s on today

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I know a girl
she worked in a store
she knew not what
her life was for
she barely knew her name

they tried to tell her
she would never be
as happy as the girl
in the magazine
she bought it with her pay

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slow cheetah comebefore my forestlooks like it&#8217;s on todayslow cheetah comeit&#8217;s so euphoricno matter what they say
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slow cheetah come
before my forest
looks like it’s on today

slow cheetah come
it’s so euphoric
no matter what they say

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woohoo-juice-simoleons replied to your post: waking up dead inside of my headwill n…

Thought this was real!

It was a lucky shot in Midnight Hollow. :)

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it&#8217;s so bad it&#8217;s got to be goodmysterious girl misunderstooddressed like a wedding cakeany other day and I might playa funeral march for Bonnie Braewhy try and run away
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it’s so bad it’s got to be good
mysterious girl misunderstood
dressed like a wedding cake

any other day and I might play
a funeral march for Bonnie Brae
why try and run away

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